So Gartner is cutting back its growth projections for 2024 a bit.  It was previously projecting a 13.8% spend in software spend in 2024 to over $1 Trillion.

It’s now cutting that back a bit to 12.7% growth in 2024, basically flat with 2023.

But that’s still a lot of growth.

To over $1 Trillion in software spend worldwide — for the first time ever.

While that’s an epic amount of spend, it’s still tougher out there.  Gartner notes:

  • CIOs are still dealing with “change fatigue” of all the new apps they’ve bought over the past few years.  A real issue
  • GenAI is a cataylst for change, but it’s not yet materially impacting spend on its own.  Rather, efficiency is the driver.

The money is there though, folks.  Do something that really matters.  Do something 10x better.  Earn that budget.  Make it so.

Altimeter: SaaS Growth Has Finally Rebounded. Albeit Only a Little Bit.

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