Ok, it’s November now and it’s time to start getting excited for the second annual SaaStrScale.com 2020.

SaaStr Scale is our growth-focused event with the best lessons learned from CEOs, CROs, CMOS, CCOs, and much more on how to scale to $1m, $10m, $100m, $1B ARR … and beyond!

The core sessions are FREE and we have a very inexpensive workshop pass if you want to be mentored in small sessions by literally dozens of the top revenue and customer professionals in SaaS and Cloud.

Hear from and meet:

  • CEO Okta
  • CEO Airtable
  • CRO Checkout.com
  • CCO Solarwinds
  • CDO Zuora
  • EVP Global Sales Contentstack
  • VPS MongoDB
  • CPO MongoDB
  • VPS Zendesk
  • VPP Sumo Logic
  • VPT CrowdStrike
  • VPP Snowflake
  • SVP Forgerock
  • CEO Safegraph
  • VPP Zendesk
  • CMO ServiceMax
  • CEO Issuu

  • CRO Demandbase
  • VPM LeanData
  • VPS Rigor
  • VPS Modern Health
  • CRO Beanworks
  • CMO Talend
  • VPS RevenueCat
  • VPM Twitter
  • MD Insight Partners
  • CCO Calendly
  • CS MongoDB
  • VPM LinkedIn
  • MD Google Cloud
  • CEO Truework

+much much more!!

Check out the agenda (more to come) and more here!


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