Q:  How do I follow up with a prospect one or two months after they downloaded a whitepaper that they may have forgotten about?

Write a very personalized email.

Most SaaS companies find that “whitepaper leads” are some of their lowest yielding leads. But the yield isn’t zero. It’s just low.

Perhaps it’s because whitepapers are downloaded early in the discovery process. Perhaps it’s because whitepapers downloads are less interested in a specific vendor. I’m not sure.

Why I do know is they do general real leads, leads that do close. But the sales cycles are often the longest, and the close rates the lowest.

But there is still gold in these leads.

Given the relatively low intent signals, I’m not sure non-personalized cadences will work.

But here’s what can work:

  • Look up who downloaded the whitepaper. See what they do.
  • Take 20 minutes in total to craft a personalized email on how your solution might really solve their problem.
  • Show a deep understanding of what they do, and how your product truly can help.
  • Do NOT ask for coffee or 5 minutes.  DO show how you can truly make them money, save them time, or more.

That might just work.

At least, it’s 10x+ more likely to get a response than just asking for 5 minutes to … chat.

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