How does your sales and marketing team follow up with trade show leads?

I love Joel Onyshuk’s answer, just read that one 🙂

I have learned a few things from the sponsors at the SaaStr Annual over the past four years. There’s a good summary from one here: How to make serious money off a SaaStr Annual sponsorship – SaaStr

The meta-learning is: especially if the show is large (top 1 or 2 in your segment) — focus on quality over quantity. And focus on prospects you can secure a follow-on appointment with. You will be overwhelmed with “quantity” at the top 1–2 shows in your industry (although not at 3–300).

Set up an appointment right then and then, for next steps, after the demo.

If the lead isn’t in your sweet spot, and/or they don’t want to take a next step — sure scan the badge, but the odds are low.

Better to come back with 20 great opportunities with demos and follow-ups already on the calendar … than 200 or 2000 badge scans you dump into a marketing automation solution.

At least for most of us.

On a related point, you may want to staff up with SDRs, if you have them. They are usually the best ones to set up next appointments, after all …

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Published on July 16, 2017

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