Q: How do you hire account executives that rank in the top 5% of sales reps?

You probably can’t yourself hire proven, Top 5% sales reps. I wouldn’t even try yourself. Instead, focus on finding smart sales execs that you believe in and yourself would buy your product from.

But a great VP of Sales can. The top 5% of sales reps want two things:

  1. They want a real chance to make a lot of money. A lot of it.
  2. They want to work for a great boss that takes care of them. So they don’t have to worry about their comp and commissions to be cut, etc.

You probably as a founder can’t deliver both 1+2. But a great VP of Sales will hunt for these top 5%’ers, at least a few for her team. And she’ll make sure there is a comp plan where they can make a lot of money. And that they feel like someone has their back.

So prove it out with a couple of smart, Top 30% reps that you would buy from and believe in. Then, go out and find your VP of Sales. And she’ll get you the Top 5%’ers.

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