We had ~5,000 registered, including sponsors etc. — which was clearly all we could fit — but the net yield from that was about 3,800 true attendees on site.  About 10,000 were on the Livestreams.

I was a bit worried about attendees give the size of the Masonic Center vs. the ’15 Annual.  The ’15 Annual completely sold out well ahead of time, but we could only fit ~600-800 in the main theater at a given time.

It was good to worry, but in the end, we maxxed out the space again.

The plan for ’17 is probably a similar number of CEOs, founders and VCs, or maybe 50% more … but more VPs and management team members as well.  People really liked brining their whole team.

We’ll build on that, with more break-outs and smaller events, and stage-specific meet-ups, sessions, and events.

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