The concept of a “release” has become a bit blurred.

Indeed in today’s world of CI/CD, many even enterprise SaaS companies push code into production weekly and sometimes even daily. Routinely.

But … processing a major release more than 3–4 times a year is still overwhelming for most customers, especially in the enterprise.

Releases can be scary for larger customers. Releases suggest you may change or even break dialed-in business processes. Many of your large customers won’t want any changes at all. They will be 100% fine with things exactly as they are.

And as you scale, there is more risk involved in pushing code constantly to production. It can introduce unintended security holes, even if small ones. Constant releases can break processes, especially once you have 1000s of workflow, it may be impossible to truly QA and test combinations of them.

Salesforce does 3 major releases a year, with tons of time to test them and get ready for them. That may be all your customers can process at a business level. Even if in reality, you are pushing code twice a day.

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