Coming off the heels of the 17,000+ that registered for our first SaaStr digital event, Bridging the Gap, we have 2 more large scale digital events coming up.  Next up is New New in Venture on May 27th, where we’ll connect 250+ VCs, 1,000+ CEOs and founders, and 10,000+ attendees to share what’s new, and what’s changed in venture capital.  It’s Free and please join us here.

After that, our new big event before SaaStr BiAnnual in September will be The Summer of Apps.  We’ll have the leaders in SaaS share how to build, manage, scale and market the best apps in the world.  Look for an incredible line-up of CPOs and more, sharing how they really do it.

As part of the Summer of Apps, we’ll be able to highlight up to 10 world-class applications that help founders build great products.  This is a great opportunity for sponsors that want to connect with founders and builders.  At SaaStr Summit, most of the sponsors had over 4,000 register for their sessions.  If you do it right, sponsors that add value to the community should be able to easily get 1,000+ leads in June at Summer of Apps.

If interested, reach out and let us know.  It should be awesome.


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