Most successful venture-backed companies have a co-founder.  And VCs do feel it de-risks things if there are two of you.  Both are true.

Personally, I get nervous about investing in solo founder start-ups.  If only because I know I couldn’t have done it alone.

But …

My learning is that you can get a Number One at any time, especially in SaaS.  An ex post-facto co-founder.  Your VP of Product, of Sales, of Engineering … even if she wasn’t there on Day 1 … if she’s someone that goes beyond the role, and cares so much, and so deeply, she’s basically like a co-founder.

That’s good enough.

If you don’t have a co-founder today, you can still get 90% of the benefits down the road.  Find one great person on your management team to trust and believe in like you would a Day 0 co-founder.  Great things will happen.

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