So recently, for the first time ever, I called in some favors. Very minor ones, but just to get a little help as SaaStr goes into busy season.

1️⃣ I asked a CRO I’ve worked with for quite a while and got one of his prior roles for him if he wanted to do our podcast with me sometime in the coming weeks. I didn’t need the content, but it would save me a tiny bit of work. He said No. Not later, but just … “No”.

2️⃣ I asked a founder that I got their last role where they made millions if they’d do a call with a founder I invested in. He said “If you really, really, really need me to, but …”

3️⃣ I asked a VC who I referred a one billon+ cash exit to if he could send an email just helping on something. Barely an ask. But he didn’t do it.

4️⃣ I asked a CMO who I’ve promoted many times over the years just if he had an idea of someone I could talk to a certain company. Just who ran something in marketing. He said he knew the contact, but wouldn’t share who it was.

I get that everyone is “hitting snooze” on things these days. The fact alone that “hitting snooze” on things has become part of our collective vocabulary probably says a lot right there. I just didn’t realize how far it had all gone.

Also it may … be me. Perhaps it is me. Perhaps I didn’t earn these favors. I never ask for any. But the team is lean, and they were small ones, so I asked for the first time in 12+ years for some small ones, just to help me over a hump.

Is 2024 the Year of “Hitting Snooze” on anything that doesn’t help you personally ASAP?


Still, the very best, the very very best are still there.  I’m so grateful for the incredible line-up we already have for 2024 SaaStr Annual, for example.  A lot of that is just a favor.   The CEOs of Klaviyo, Procore, Bill, and more don’t need to come to Annual.  They’re coming to pay it back, and help, and share with the next generation.

The best still are.

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