So over the past few weeks I’m doing a lot of end-of-the-year catch-ups and I’ve heard this one story again and again:

“I replaced my entire management team this year”

I push founders and the reason in the end is basically always the same. The existing team just wasn’t happy or motivated in the tougher environment of 2023. And it was simply time for new folks that, while not necessarily better — simply wanted the job.

I’ve got a meta takeaway from this for everyone out there that’s a bit unsettled, unhappy, wistful about their tech role:

If you’re respected, well paid, and have a good job — see if you can come in fresh in 2024 with a better attitude.

Seriously. Even I get grouchy and feel sorry for myself at times. When a founder isn’t appreciative. When a co-investor does things they shouldn’t. When I see disloyalty. Sometimes even I quietly think, “hey, they’ll see how it is without me.”

But if you can — stop.

All the changes in the world from March 2020-December 2023 will be behind us in 2024.

It’s time to put it all in a box. Easier times, bigger teams, and easier quotas are all behind us.

Come back in 2024 happy. Even if you have to fake it at first. Come back appreciative. Even if you feel you’re owed more.

Everyone wants to work for folks that are positive, on the mission, and great to be around. Whatever happened, in 2024, be one of those folks.

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