Well of course it is 🙂

The question is, how do you get past the brands? Brands are incredibly powerful because they are the default choice.

But there’s good news: there are veteran buyers in every space and category in SaaS now. Veterans who have already bought and deployed applications in your space … and found a critical gap they want filled.

Something they really, really need a core product to do that the leaders don’t do.

And a subset of those veterans will search out an emerging vendor that maybe is pretty so-so at most functions, is quite lacking in some key areas … but solves their #1 gap in the space.

They’ll buy from you if you solve their problem. And if you let these veterans know who you are — through PR, blogs, podcast, press, SEO, SEM, events, tradeshows, outbound, cold calls, emails, WhatsApps, Slack Channels, try everything — some will reach out to you. If you really solve that critical gap in a critical problem / solution.

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