Is there any reason not to do YC if I’m starting a tech company?

More objectively, I think about it in purely economic terms.

  • Can you raise money at the same price outside of YC as inside of it?  And can you raise money as easily?
  • Do you already have a network as strong as you’d get going through YC?

For the vast majority of first-time founders — it’s a 100.0000% no-brainer.  You’ll get a higher valuation, with an easier time raising $$$, and develop a 10x better Initial Tech Network — going through YC.

For second timers, with a track record, it’s more complicated.  But maybe still a no-brainer in many cases, especially if it’s a different industry or your prior track record isn’t 100% portable to your next gig, and/or if VCs won’t see you as the true founder that led that prior success.

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Published on March 12, 2016

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