I have written:

  • 100% of my 2,610 answers on Quora.
  • Probably 60% of the tweets at @jasonlk — the ones that don’t look like content links. It’s pretty easy to tell.
  • ~80% of the total blog posts at SaaStr.com and 100% of the ones with the by-line “Jason M. Lemkin”.
  • 0% of the tweets @saastr.
  • 0% of the 150+ podcasts. Harry Stebbings has done 100% of the work here. Bless him.

and I have

  • Designed ~50%+ of the 700+ sessions at each SaaStr Annual for the past 4 years (this % is going down thanks to tremendous work by Courtney Rogin).

It doesn’t take THAT much time. I do it during coffee breaks, or sanity breaks, or when I am tired, or when I can’t sleep.

The trick: I only write the answers I already know in my head, and I only write blog posts that I’ve also basically written already in my head, and I only have speakers and sessions about topics I am passionate about.

Anything that is work, I kill and move on.

Having said all of this, it’s time for things to change and continue to add more voices. Dayna Rothman has joined us as CRO and she will drive more here in 2018.

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