Jason Lemkin: How far in advance should you build a relationship with potential M&A advisors for a SaaS startup that is targeting a ~$50-$75M exit?

1 day after you get an offer.

Really, M&A advisors in tech at least almost never ever actually get you an offer to sell your company. Ever.

Yes, if you are doing $15m ARR with $3m in EBITDA, they can sell the company. But that’s not a SaaS start-up. Not usually.

Instead, what a good M&A advisor does is get the price up. They usually do this by either getting another offer, or more often, by getting an Almost Offer, that creates enough uncertainty that the prospective acquirer ups the price.

But usually you don’t need that help until you have an actual offer, or at least, soft offer or pre-offer, a BigCo telling you an offer is coming.

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Published on June 28, 2016

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