The good news is, it really, really varies.

According to Aileen Lee‘s terrific analysis of the best start-ups, for the best companies, the average age at founding is 34 in general, and 35 for SaaS, and 38 for true enterprise software.

That’s the average, for the founders — at time of founding. So by the time you join, they are probably close to 40.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t only hire 21-year olds. Some do. Some like Stewart Butterfield and Slack aggressively seek out seasoned resources in SaaS: The $1 billion company that prefers 40 year old coders who only work 45 hours a week (Now that’s a unicorn)

But I’ve found a pretty wide distribution here in B2B environments.

Keep interviewing, and find an environment you are comfortable in and that feels right. You’ll find it.

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