So this is a post on a point we’ve made many times over the years at SaaStr, but I wanted to call it out specifically.  Because especially in more challenging times, we make the mistake of … Settling.


  • For a VP That Looks Good on Paper But You Know Isn’t Truly Great.  They will be gone in 6 months.  And have burnt up a ton of time and capital on the way,.
  • For a Cofounder That Almost Wants to Do It, But Not Quite.  No matter how great they may be in theory, if they don’t 100.000% want it, they’ll leave or quiet quit when it gets tough.   Which it will.
  • For Someone That Doesn’t 100% Believe.  You might think they will believe more, later.  But that’s rare.
  • For an Investment That is Very Good, But Not Great.  It’s just so, so hard to truly build something huge and important.  Good but not great founders don’t get you there.  Good but not great traction? Sometimes, but it’s rare.  Rare.

We settle when we get tired.  We settle when we don’t interview at least 30 candidates for every position.  We settle when folks we know and trust don’t believe 100% in our product, our market, our journey.  We settle when we think we are out of time.

But if you are going long, you are never out of time.  Not really.

Don’t settle.

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