Nathan Latka of Founderpath is hosting a new bootstrapper workshop track at SaaStr Annual 2023 in our Executive Briefing Center.  Anyone with a full pass can sign up through the Braindate app (the sessions are tagged as workshops / Super Braindates).  Nathan is also giving out some tickets to his base as well.

Next Week: 13 Bootstrappers On Stage, 9 Revenue Graphs, 18 SaaS Templates, 2 Book Signings

” We’re putting our money where our mouth is.  We believe bootstrappers should be celebrated (and so does SaaStr!) Here’s our stage lineup for SaaStr Annual (come to meet all of them in person):

  • TimeDoctor CEO: How I scaled TimeDoctor to $10m Revenue, 100% remote in 46 countries, and fully async
  • BackBlaze CEO: How we bootstrapped to $80m Revenue, 500k Customers, and the slide deck we used to IPO in 2021
  • NetCore CEO: How I Bootstrapped To $100m Revenue Using Proficorn Secrets
  • YouCanBookMe CEO: Hitting $5m ARR Was Not Easy: 3 Things that Failed and 3 Things we Nailed
  • Mogli CEO: How Mogli used Profit Units to Incentivize Employees, Retain Talent, & Generate $7M ARR
  • Living Security CEO: We Grew To 200+ Enterprise Customers & Not Burning (despite $20m raise)
  • Kennected CEO: How we cut $4M in expenses and still increased top line 20%
  • Disclo CEO: How Human Touch Helped Us Close Our First $100,000+ Deal
  • FindMine CEO: Why we optimize for Revenue per Employee ($175k+) and why you should too
  • Receptionist CEO: How we built a $6M SaaS company that everyone wants to work for
  • Parting Pro CEO: The Silent Majority: How we’ve bootstrapped our “unsexy” Funeral Management SaaS to $1m+

Come to the EBC (#21 on map) at SaaStr next week. We start at 9:15am with $80m revenue Gleb.


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