OK. We're SOLD OUT for the SaaStr Annual. But — We Still Have a Waitlist.

Sorry folks.  You must have missed the like 7,432 tweets and 112 emails we sent, BUT … the SaaStr Annual is SOLD OUT.

Click on this image to do a quick Flickr tour of last year:


We are fire-marshall limited (yes, it is a thing) to 5,000 total.  That’s all we are allowed to squeeze into the Masonic Center.

We’ve now sold 3,000 founder+ tickets sold, 1000 for Other Tickets (VCs, etc.), and 1,000 for All The Rest (sponsors, press, etc.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.31.52 PM

But — seriously, you should be there.  Especially if you are in the Bay Area.

We’ll have 150 of the most amazing SaaS speakers.  100+ of the best SaaS VCs.  Thousands of SaaS founders to meet and get to know.  Great “birds of a feather” meet-ups on Tuesday night.  An epic Big Party on Wednesday.  And something I really needed — a full day of AMAs live with the best VPs of Sales.

>> So … sign up NOW for the Wait List HERE <<

Like we did last time, we’ll manage it and game it as much as we can to squeeze more in.  We’ll try to split some 3-day tickets into 1-day tickets to get more people in.  We’ll manage the flow during the day.  And other stuff.

Realistically, there will be room for another 200-300 folks one way or another.

So get on the Waitlist now.  We’ll release from it as soon as we can.

Published on January 31, 2016

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