Hire a VP of Demand Gen / Marketing.

I say this not because it’s the only step, but it’s likely the most important step you can take to grow faster after product-market fit that basically always work — that you probably haven’t already done.

I hired mine at $20k in MRR, and it wasn’t too early. More on the math and why here: I Hired My VP of Marketing at $20k MRR. It Wasn’t a Week Too Early. | SaaStr

For most of you though you’ll get all the way to $1m in ARR or more and never have even started to hire a true VP of Demand Gen / Marketing. You’ll figure out how to hire some sales reps, made even a sales lead, a customer success professional. But too often, there is no senior marketer by $1m in ARR.

All she has to do is get you a few more leads, and/or increase the % of leads that close, to more than pay for herself.

Go make the hire.

And make sure you hire a VP of Marketing that knows how to get you leads. That’s job #1 at this stage. More on that here: Hire the Right Type of VP Marketing — Or You’ll Just End Up With a Bunch of Blue Pens with Your Logo On Them | SaaStr and here: What are the differences between a VP of Marketing and a VP of Demand Gen? | SaaStr

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