So there are few things more frustrating than when hit “Contact Me” — which after all, is a high-intent signal — and no one gets back to you that day.  Or the next.  Or just as bad, a few days later, a BDR or SDR gets back to you — but not to help, but to qualify you.

So frustrating.

Later, when you have RevOps and SalesOps and a proven VP of Sales, they’ll own this.  At least hopefully.

But what about in the founder-led and earlier stages?

Well, founders want to concentrate leads in reps that will handle them well.  One part of that is being a product expert, which too few reps are.  Another part is being responsive.  To treating prospects they way we’d want to be treated.

Being hyper-responsive isn’t always in a rep’s personal best interest.  But it’s almost always in the company’s.

Be that rep, the one that always gets back to customers and prospects almost instantly.  And watch your CEO and others … give you more leads and customers.  It’s only natural.

And founders and other revenue execs: put an SLA in place.  That says is a rep doesn’t get back to a prospect in X minutes, it just goes to another rep.  More on that here:

The #1 Most Important Thing You Can Do With Your Leads: Implement an SLA

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