Is there any value in transcribing inside sales calls to sales people?

There is a huge value to sales management to listening to (Chorus / Gong / etc) and/or transcribing sales call.

Listening is even better than reading (you can learn more listening than just reading), but by listening or reading the calls of your reps you can:

  • Make sure new reps are properly trained.
  • See where reps get confused and stuck.
  • Spot issues of all sorts.

Once you have 50–100 reps, you can’t personally listen to very many of their calls, not even a sample. But each team lead can listen into some of the calls of her team, as can sales ops.

Do it. The ROI is really large after you have a few reps. In the early days, you will know what Reps #1 and #2 think, say and do. You will all sit together.

But after that, you really have to train them. And part of that is auditing that training (such as it is). Auditing the training is critical.

And you’ll see later, some reps will say just the craziest things.

More here: You Have to Train Reps 3-100+ They Won’t Train Themselves. | SaaStr

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