So in one of the latest SaaStr surveys, we saw what a lot of us are feeling … it’s just hard to hit quota out there.

Only 18% of you were hitting the 70%+ quota attainment that high-performing sales teams generally try to hit.  And only 43% of you had sales teams that were hitting even 50% of quota attainment.

That left 58% of you with sales teams seeing 20%-40% quota attainment … or less.

That’s not healthy.    The best sales teams really do see 70% or more of their team hitting quota, or at least 70% of scaled reps (which often means 60% or so overall).  It just energizes everyone, and success builds on success.  You can see the healthy histogram here from Iconiq Growth’s latest sales report:

What’s to do if you are below 50%-60% attainment?  Realistically, in most cases the best answer is to let some of your low performers go — and reroute those leads to your higher performers.  That just always works.  How much it works, depends.  But it always works.  Get back to a core group of folks that can close, and then keep the bar high, and add to it.  No one is happy with < 50% quota attainment.

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