The 2019 SaaStr Annual is going to be the very best one ever.

We’ve moving to the San Jose Convention Center, which will be 350% bigger than 2018 and 2017.   More space to network, to meet, to share learnings and more.  So even with 12,500+ attendees expected, there should be a lot more elbow room.

Last year was fun but at times overloaded.  The sponsor expo itself worked very well.  It was the center of the action — all the braindates, food, drinks, and most of the meet-ups were there.  Traffic was constant, and it was pretty awesome.

We’re doing that again, but even better.  The sponsor expo will be sandwiched right in between the two largest stages, and all the traffic, all day long, including meals, mentoring, recharging, and more will be right inside the expo.  From before the first session to kink off the morning all the way through last call.

The very center of the expo will The Inner Hub.  We have 9 spots left for Gold sponsors in the Inner Hub.  So if you’re gonna renew or sign-up anyway, do it now.  You get the best location — for no extra price.  But first in gets first dibs.  So click here ASAP for more!

And thank you so much to all our amazing sponsors who are already back for 2019, including Zoom, Intercom, ActiveCampaign, Pendo, Looker, G2 Crowd, ProfitWell, Brex, Algolia, Chargbee, Datafox, Zenefits, Zuora, Walkme, and so many other leaders.

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