So the amount of great content we have on our YouTube just exploded the last 2 years, as we started doing big digital events, and several great new offerings like CRO Confidential with the best CROs in SaaS, and our new Workshop Wednesday with leaders from Stripe, Airtable, Battery Ventures, Openview, and so much more doing live sessions with Q&A.

Here’s what folks most watched in 2022:

Here were the Top 10:

#1. “How To Innovate Faster with Community: Insights From GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij”.  A great session from GitLab’s CEO and founder on how to really use community to build and scale.

#2. “Top 5 Ways to Scale a Sales Team with Zoom CRO Ryan Azus and SaaStr VP of Sales Bryan Elsesser“.  A great deep dive on how to go more enterprise and build a sales team from Zoom’s CRO.

#3 How to Scale Outbound Sales with the CROs of Outreach, Malwarebytes, HubSpot, Seismic.  A great session on how to really do outbound from 3 top CROs.

#4.  Everything that Breaks on the Way to $1B ARR with @MailChimp Co-Founder Ben Chestnut.  A great deep dive on just how different metrics and KPIs are for bootstrapping.

#5. The 4 V’s of Sales: Volume, Value, and Velocity: Waze Head of SMB Sales & Head of Sales Enablement.  A good and different look at some good ideas for SMB sales.

#6. “People, Process and Product: A Product Leader’s First 90 Days | Notion CPO Madhu Muthukumar”.  This was a great session that helps you peer right into the mind of what a strong new product leader thinks about when they take a new senior role.

#7. “Marketing Hyper-Growth at Scale with Klaviyo’s SVP, Global Head of Marketing, Kady Srinivasan”.  Klaviyo is one of the top leaders in mobile and SMB+ marketing, and one of the very top leaders in B2B ecommerce.

#8. “Learnings from Innovating in Underserved Markets with Samsara CPO Kiren Sekar”.  Another great CPO session, diving into interesting learnings on vertical SaaS and less served markets.

#9.  “The Secrets to Going Big, Going Multi-Product and Going Public | Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates”.  One of my very favorite SaaS sessions from one of my favorite SaaS CEOs.  A real and honest deep dive on how and when to go multi-product for real, and much more.

#10.  “SaaStr Annual 2022: 5 Critical and Company-Altering Learnings from B2B Startups | Y Combinator.”  A super popular session from 2022 Annual on how to really scale startups.

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