Q:  What are your thoughts on outsourcing customer support?

There are certainly cons to traditional outsourced support vs. highly trained support that works right inside your company.

But I’d think about it this way as a continuum … from Worst to Best:

  • No support at all. Terrible.
  • Support only from bots. Still awful. At least you know the vendor is there, but many of your customers will need more than just … a frustrating bot.
  • No live support at all. Getting an email back in an hour or a day? A suboptimal experience, at best. At least you know someone works at the vendor. But this is still pretty bad.
  • Live / real-time support, but outsourced. Quality varies based on training. Probably not as good as if you do it in-house. But getting a decent answer right now may be 100x better than a similar answer a day later via email.
  • Live / real-time support, from your own in-house, highly trained team. The best in theory. But can it scale?

Provide world-class support.

The way to start is by providing as much of the best support as you can.

Outsourced support, if properly trained, is far, far better than no support at all.

A bit more here.


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