There’s no question SaaS and Cloud companies scale faster than ever these days.  Databricks just announced it was growing a stunning 75% at $600m+ in ARR!  And Zoom just passed a $1B quarter.  50%+ growth at $100m+ ARR seems to be the new normal, and a full 25% of the Cloud 100 was growing 100%+ at $100m in ARR!  More on that here:

And yet … and yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean they started so fast.

Just a few examples:

You can get there faster today.  Cloud is just so much bigger.  But the early days are still all about finding true product-market fit, and that can just take time.

Just a reminder that in some ways it doesn’t even matter how long it takes you to get to that first $10m in ARR.  Just so long as you grow at a decent clip thereafter.

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