With the rise of “Product Led Growth” as such a key concept in SaaS, it brings up an age-old question in business software:

Should all pricing be transparent?  Doesn’t that just remove a huge amount of friction from buying?  Can you even have a mostly self-service motion in PLG with “Contact Me” in your pricing?

Certainly “Contact Me” in pricing adds a human element, an additional step, and in many cases, friction to a sales process.

But how common is Contact Me in 2022?  Has it gone more into fashion — or less?

I took a quick look at many of the recent IPOs and other Cloud leaders that were especially PLG-ish, from Calendly to Notion, from Zoom to Slack, and more.

And here’s what I learned:

  • Basically Every B2B Product Uses “Contact Me” Pricing for their Enterprise Edition.  and
  • Although many more B2D / API-focused products have mostly transparent pricing for their Enterprise Editions (GitLab, GitHub, Datadog) — others do not (Twilio Flex, New Relic, etc.).  It’s a mix.
  • If Anything, “Contact Me” pricing in Enterprise Editions is more common than ever in apps that sell to customers Small, Medium and Large.  In other words, almost everyone with an app with transparent pricing for smaller editions adds “Contact Me” to their most enterprise edition.

You can take a look at the summary data below:

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