As we gear up for SaaStr Annual 2023 in the SF Bay Area on 6-7 September, we wanted to take a look back at some of our most iconic speakers and sessions from over the years, that we can still learn from today.

Unsurprisingly, Product Led Growth has been one of the most popular discussion topics at the past few SaaStr Annuals.

Here are 10 great sessions to study, and we will have tons of incredible sesssions, speakers and braindates on PLG at SaaStr Annual 2023 in September! 

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PLG SaaStr Session #1: “Mastermind Masterclass: Beyond Product-led Growth: 7 Lessons Learned in Product-Led Scaling with Dropbox’s GM”

Presented By: Rachel Wolan – GM & VP – Dropbox – @rachelwolan

Intriguing Session Slides:

PLG SaaStr Session #2: “ClickUp’s VP of Operations: Hold Onto Your SaaS: How ClickUp Rocketed from $4M to $70M ARR in Two Years with Product-Led Growth”

Presented By: Aaron Cort – VP of Operations – ClickUp

Intriguing Session Slides:

PLG SaaStr Session #3: “Building a $5.6B Company with a Product-led Flywheel with Postman’s CEO”

Presented By: Abhinav Asthana – Founder and CEO – Postman – @a85

Intriguing Session Slides:

PLG SaaStr Session #4: “Mastermind Masterclass: How Community-Led Growth Drives Product-Led Growth with Notion’s CRO”

Presented By: Olivia Nottebohm – Chief Revenue Officer – Notion – @ONottebohm

Intriguing Session Slides:

PLG SaaStr Session #5: “Product-led sales that kicks SaaS: Loom and Calendly’s Growth Engines”

Presented By: 
Mark Jung – VP Marketing- Dooly
Rebecca Kline – SVP Marketing – Loom 
Garrett  Scott – Head of Marketing, Growth,  Demand Gen – Calendly

Video: HERE

Intriguing Session Slide – this gives you a sense of the creative + interactive format:

Last but not least:

PLG SaaStr Session #6: “Optimizing GTM for PLG with Stage 2 Capital Co-Founder and Managing Director Mark Roberge”

PLG SaaStr Session #7 “What’s Changed in PLG from New Relic to Salesforce to Calendly”:

PLG SaaStr Session #8: “Secrets to Combining PLG and Enterprise Sales with Grammarly’s CEO”

PLG SaaStr Session #9: “Adding Outbound Sales & Marketing to a Product-Led Growth Engine with Freshworks, Twilio, 1Password, Coda

PLG SaaStr Session #10: “Everything That Breaks On The Way to $1 Billion in ARR with Ben Chestnut, Founder and CEO of Mailchimp”

While this didn’t start off as a PLG session, it actually ended up being one of the best ones ever.  You can learn a lot of non-traditional thinking on churn, ICPs, CAC, CLTV, and so much more in a PLG-first, bootstrapped environment from Ben.

In the comments below, let us know what Product Led Growth experts you want to speak at SaaStr Annual 2023?  We’ll have TONS MORE so see you and 12,000 of your SaaS BFFs in the SF Bay Area September 6-8!! 

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