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6 Top Sessions On Scaling From SaaStr Annual 2021

SaaS is not the right industry to aim for incremental, low single-digit revenue growth. This is an industry where stories of 17x growth – like ClickUp scaling from $4 million to $70 million of ARR – are surprisingly common. We’ve curated 6 popular SaaStr Annual 2021 sessions from leaders that have navigated the proverbial rocketship to scale:

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The State of the Cloud 2021, How to Build a Cloud Unicorn with Bessemer Venture Partners (Podcast #484 and Video)

BVP partners Byron Deeter, Mary D’Onofrio, and Elliott Robinson share a state of the cloud economy, tactical lessons and case studies for early-stage founders, private market analysis, alongside key predictions and trends driving innovation in SaaS around the globe.

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5 Top Customer Success Talks at SaaStr Annual 2021

Getting customer success right is one of the most powerful levers in SaaS. Unsurprisingly, sessions focused on SaaS customer success were once again very popular at SaaStr Annual 2021. If you could not attend SaaStr Annual 2021, here are just five of the customer success talks from the conference.

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6 Top Product Led Growth Sessions From SaaStr Annual 2021

Product Led Growth (“PLG”) is one of the dominant themes of the SaaS marketplace today. Unsurprisingly, Product Led Growth was one of the most popular discussion topics at SaaStr Annual 2021. If you missed out on attending SaaStr Annual 2021, or just want to understand PLG better, here are 6 sessions to study:

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