Dreamforce has announced, for now, at least, it will not require any Covid testing or vaccination:

”In accordance with local state and city guidelines, we [Salesforce] are currently not requiring proof of vaccination or implementing a testing protocol for Dreamforce. This is always subject to change.”

We’ve already gotten a few questions if we plan to do the same, and we expect quite a few more.  The answer is nope.  No changes to our Health & Safety policies.

At SaaStr Annual, we’re remaining 100% tested, vaxxed, open air / outdoors and fever-free.  More on our Health & Safety policies here.

Why?  Comfort, mostly.

We recognize most of us are attending plenty of events these days, from sports to music festivals and more.  And we recognize we’re about the only event that fully tests everyone and fully requires everyone, with no exceptions, to be vaccinated.

But we’ve learned it’s just better.  At least for us — for a community event for 10,000.

We remained fully Vaxxed and tested at SaaStr Europa 2022 in June and had quite a few cancellations and refunds due to it.  But when we polled attendees, 10:1 were strongly in favor of having a fully tested and vaxxed event.  It just made them a lot more comfortable.

Furthermore, we simply think the days of going to a business event when you are sick in any form should be over.  So we’ll continue to test every attendee for elevated temperature.  If you have a fever, you also don’t get in.

So we know a handful of you may choose not to attend SaaStr Annual on Sep 13-15 due to our Health & Safety requirements, and that’s fine.  You can watch a ton of the content for free on Twitter and YouTube during and after Annual.  And we acknowledge that few others are doing what we are doing.  If you’ve purchased a ticket and do not want to be tested or show proof of vaccine, just let us know, and we’ll refund you in full!!

We feel it’s still time to do our best here to have the most comfortable event possible.  Thank you for your support and see everyone September 13-15 in SF Bay Area!  On our 40+ acre outdoor / open-air SaaStr campus!


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