I’m embarrassed to say I hadn’t paid enough attention to how many folks read SaaStr.com on mobile vs. desktop.

And boy did it change during the past year.  Perhaps it was Covid, perhaps it wasn’t.

But here are the numbers:

  • Overall website sessions up 49.36% year-over-year
  • Mobile sessions up 76.69%
  • Desktop sessions up 17.16%

It should be a crossover year.  Mobile should cross over to 50% of all SaaStr.com sessions in the next month or two.

This is probably only of interest to a subset of SaaStr.com readers, but it’s a reminder.  Are you really designing enough of your assets for mobile-first?  Everyone in B2C does. But, in B2B we still lag.  Even in 2021.

How well does your blog perform on mobile?  Your marketing site?  Your landing pages?

Probably worse than you think.

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