Hey SaaStr Fans,

With just a few more weeks until SaaStr Europa 2022 – we’re excited to launch the entire SaaStr Europa 2022 Agenda!!

For 2 days, more than 70+ sessions and Super Braindates and 100+ expert speakers will be sharing their best practices on 7-8 June in Barcelona on scaling, revenue, recruiting, expansion and so much more. Check out the full detailed agenda here.

From Asana to ZoomInfo: this year’s Europa lineup is bringing the best Cloud speakers from around the globe together for two days of incredible learning and insights.

And the best VCs from the best VC firms will be everywhere, and also doing mentorship sessions and meet-a-VC sessions to help you learn.  From Point9 to Accel to Creandum to Sapphire to NotionVC to Iconiq to Insight to to Index to Salesforce Ventures and Zendesk Ventures and so, so much more.

There will be over 2,500+ SaaS and Cloud professionals joining us there in person. Will you?

Get your ticket now and get a front-row seat when the Cloud comes to Barcelona.

Here’s a look at some of the Unicorns, Experts, and Masters of SaaS who will be joining us:

  • From $0 to $400+M: 10 Mistakes the CEO and Founder of ZoomInfo Made on His Journey to IPO (and Beyond)- The 2022 Edition with Henry Schuck, Founder, and CEO at ZoomInfo and Jason Lemkin, Founder & CEO at SaaStr
  • Global Growth Challenges and Opportunities: From Humble Beginnings to a $17.5 Billion Valuation with Miro’s CEO Andrey Khusid and Matt Jacobson, Partner at ICONIQ Growth
  • How to Win Deliveroo, Carta, Brex, and Figma as Your First Customers…and Why it Matters with Pigment’s Co-Founder Eléonore Crespo
  • 7 Tips for Nailing Your SMB Go-To-Market Strategy with PayFit’s CEO and Co-founder Firmin Zocchetto and Philippe Botteri, Partner at Accel
  • Don’t F** Up Your VP of Marketing Role At Series A SaaS with Sarah Brown, VP of Marketing at Sastrify, Nicole Wojno Smith, VP of Marketing at Tackle.io, Hana Jacover, VP of Marketing at Chili Piper, and Laura Kendall, VP of Marketing @ MadKudu
  • The Secrets to Hiring Top Engineers with Jean-Baptiste Coger, Co-Founder, and COO at Plato, and Jenilee Deal, VP of Talent at Netflix
  • From Newcomer to Market Leader: What worked…. and What Didn’t with Red Points’ CEO Laura Urquizu
  • SaaS Secret Sauce: How the CEO –> CRO Dynamic Drives Growth with Marketo’s Co-Founder Phil Fernandez and Bill Binch, Operating Partner at Battery Ventures and Former CRO @ Pendo
  • Navigating the Rocky Road From Founder Led Sales to The First Dozen Sales Professionals Demodesk’s CEO Veronika Riederle
  • 10 Lessons Learned Along the Path to $100M ARR with Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO at UserZoom and Sophie Chesters, CMO at UserZoom

And an almost complete speaker and Super Braindate list here:

  1. Matthew Jacobson, Partner @ ICONIQ Growth
  2. Andrey Khusid, CEO @ Miro
  3. Dave Kellogg, Principal @ Dave Kellogg Consulting
  4. Eléonore Crespo, Co-Founder and Co-CEO @ Pigment
  5. Lloyed  Lobo, Cofounder @ Boast.AI
  6. Bill Binch, Operating Partner // Former CRO @ Battery Ventures // Pendo
  7. Phil Fernandez, Co-Founder @ Marketo
  8. Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO @ ZoomInfo
  9. Alfonso de la Nuez, CEO UserZoom
  10. Sophie Chesters, CMO @ UserZoom
  11. Laura Urquizu, CEO @ Red Points
  12. Firmin Zocchetto, Co-Founder and CEO @ PayFit
  13. Philippe Botteri, Partner @ Accel
  14. Arsenio Otero, COO @ Celonis
  15. Veronika Riederle, Co-Founder & CEO @ Demodesk
  16. Lauren Wright, VP Revenue @ Demodesk
  17. Jonathan Nimrodi, Head of B2B SaaS EMEA @ Meta (Facebook)
  18. Firaas Rashid Founder and CEO @ Hook
  19. Rav Dhaliwal, Investor and Venture Partner @ Crane Venture Partners, Former Slack, ZenDesk, Yammer
  20. Lindsey Serafin VP of Customer Success @ Snyk
  21. Caitlin Sullivan, Director of Customer Success @ Vanta
  22. Alfred Saad, CRO  @ LumApps
  23. Melinda Cormier, VP of Growth Marketing @ LumApps
  24. Jean-Baptiste Coger, Co-Founder, and COO  @ Plato
  25. Jenilee Deal, VP of Talent @ Netflix
  26. Mairead O’Donovan, CPO @ Contentful
  27. Elaine Zhou, CTO @ Change.org
  28. Michael Manapat, Head of Engineering @ Notion
  29. Quang Hoang, Co-Founder and CEO @ Plato
  30. Lamorna Short, Chief of Staff @ Paddle
  31. Christian Owens, Fonder and CEO @ Paddle
  32. Pieterjan Bouten, Chairman of the Board @ Showpad
  33. Hande Çilingir, Co-founder & CEO @ Insider
  34. Roos Takken, HR Business Partner @ GitLab
  35. Krista Moroder, Director of Engineering @ Checkr
  36. Pierre Alain Bouchard, VP of Engineering @ Zendesk
  37. Giorgos Ampavis, VP of Engineering @ Tide
  38. Jon Perera, CMO @ Highspot
  39. Paul Albert SVP Global Sales @ Payhawk
  40. Merita Ramadani, Head of People Operations @ Payhawk
  41. Ross Andrew Paquette, Chairman & CEO @ Maropost
  42. Kurt Smith, VP Product & Strategy, GM of IQ @ FastSpring
  43. David Kelly, General Partner @ Amaranthine Capital
  44. Zach Coelius Managing Partner @ Coelius Capital
  45. Irina Haivas Partner  @ Atomico
  46. Madeline Lawrence, Head of DACH @ Peak Capital
  47. Tiffany Luck, Investor  @ GGV Capital
  48. Molly Alter, Partner @ Index Ventures
  49. Annalise Dragic, Partner @ Sapphire
  50. Peter Specht, Partner @ Creandum 
  51. Christoph Janz @ Point Nine Capital
  52. Harry Briggs, Managing Partner @ OMERS Ventures
  53. Luca Eisenstecken Partner @ Atomico
  54. Carmen Rico @ Coca (Dave Kelly panel)
  55. Zoe Chambers, Partner @ Frontline Ventures 
  56. Rouven Dresselhaus, Co-Founder & Managing Partner @ Cavalry
  57. Cristina Vilas Vives, Founder & CEO of Cledara
  58. Eleanor Warnock, Deputy Editor @ Sifted
  59. Itxaso del Palacio, Partner @ Notion VC 
  60. Hristo Borisov, Co-Founder and CEO @ Payhawk 
  61. Désirée Schildt, VP of Marketing @ Payhawk
  62. Haresh Baraj, VP Product Growth @ Pleo
  63. Aiyana Moorhead, Commercial Lead @ Pleo
  64. Jessica Gilmartin, Head of Revenue Marketing @ Asana
  65. Sara Rossio, CPO @ G2
  66. Rebecca Feiten, Senior Director, Strategic Sales @ Outreach
  67. Natasha Evans, Director of Customer Success, EMEA @ Salesloft
  68. Ollie Sharpe, VP of Revenue, EMEA @ Salesloft
  69. Rebecca Drew, VP Sales @ Vidyard
  70. Paul Gilhooly, VP Sales @ 6Sense
  71. Miguel Arias Partner @ K Fund
  72. Oscar Chen Investor @Frog CapitalAlexander Pak, Investment Director @ TMT Investments
  73. Johnny Campbell CEO @ SocialTalent
  74. Natasha Ratanshi-Stein, Founder / CEO @ Surfboard
  75. Martin Mahler, CEO @ Vizlib
  76. Emmanuel Cassimatis, Portfolio Growth @ SAP
  77. Hana Mohan, CEO @ MagicBell
  78. Mark Chaffey, Co-Founder and CEO @ hackajob
  79. Lina Chong, Investment Director @ Target Global
  80. Oliver Kaul, Investment Manager @ STS Ventures
  81. Catherine Jhung, Senior Managing Director @ Hercules Capital
  82. Rosemarie Diegna, Chief Strategy & Product Officer & Co-founder  @ Wazoku
  83. Núria Aguado, VP Marketing @ Whisbi
  84. Roland Dennert, Managing Partner @ Cipio Partners
  85. Lauren Fovargue, VP of Customer Success @ Synthace
  86. Sarah Lee, Chief Customer Officer @ Stravito
  87. Tariq Rauf, Founder/CEO @ Qatalog
  88. Florent Tardivel, Chief Commercial Officer @ Swan.io
  89. Janna Bastow, CEO & Co-Founder @ ProdPad
  90. Lucile Cornet, Partner @ Eight Roads
  91. Jess Bartos, Investor @ Salesforce Ventures
  92. Ana Wolsztajn, VC Investor & CMO @ KAYA VC
  93. Alisha Chouhan, Chief Global Business Officer @ MSG91
  94. Sophie Heijenberg, Investor @ No Such Ventures
  95. Pietro Bezza, Managing Partner @ Connect Ventures
  96. Jorge Lluch, Co-founder & COO @ Abacum
  97. Bibi Groot, Head of Behavioural Science @ FairHQ
  98. Will Orde, Principal @ Conviction VC
  99. Leslie Cottenjé, CEO @ Hello Customer
  100. Gabriela Oliveira, Partnerships Manager @ Mollie
  101. Fred Linfjard, Director of Growth Marketing @ Planday
  102. Alex Bottenbruch, Investor @ La Famiglia VC
  103. Terry Evans, Director @  Zendesk Ventures
  104. Simone Bartlett, Co-founder @ Hugo Tech
  105. Nacho Travesí Barrera, CSO & Co-Founder @ Cobee
  106. Franz Diekmann, Investment Manager @ Capnamic
  107. Julien Codorniou, Investor @ Felix Capital
  108. Fabian van Hoegee, CEO @ Rocketx
  109. Nathan Latka, CEO @ Founderpath

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