So we’re just about a month out now from the 4th SaaStr Europa.

After two incredible years in Paris, and our highest NPS event ever at the beach last year in Barcelona— many of you have asked for it so this time SaaStr Europa is coming to LONDON.

And we’re already trending upwards of 4,000 of your fellow SaaS CEOs, Revenue Leaders, Executives, and Investors joining us for 2.5 days at the Tobacco Docks on 6-7 June.


Everyone from Braze to UiPath is coming prepped and ready to share their insights with the SaaStr community and help you scale faster to $100M and beyond.

Oh yeah, it’s gonna be a party when we all get together in London next month, as we bringing in some of the very best speakers in SaaS together from all over the globe.

There will be TONS going on each day, and even a bit before the official kick-off, and if you are coming or thinking of coming, a few things to plan and think about:

Come Early for the VIP Reception (3PM Monday)

  • We did this informally last year and folks had a blast, so we’ll once again host a VIP Opening Reception for any folks in town early or those getting off work early on Monday 6th, June. We’ll host it dockside in the open air right at Tobacco Dock and kick off Europa with bubbles and bar bites. It’s a great chance to get a jumpstart on meeting new folks, meeting up with your team, and maybe more importantly – getting your badge early and beating the rush.

UiPath, Braze, Rippling, Loom & Zapier: Don’t Miss Hero SaaS Companies on Tuesday

  • Doors open bright and early at 8AM Monday with core content starting at 9AM and going all day long. Pace yourself as we’ve packed some of our favorite Heroes of SaaS into this Day 1 lineup.
  • A new incredible addition is Daniel Dines, founder and co-CEO of UiPathUiPath has had an incredible history, taking 10 years to get to that first $1m in ARR … and then turning into one of the fastest-growing software companies to $1 Billion in ARR ever!
  • When Braze was founded back in 2011, a lot of things were different. Smartphones were just becoming mainstream. Mobile marketing as we know it today was still in its infancy. Bill Magnuson, CEO & Co-Founder Braze, blew our Annual audience away with his learnings, and now he’s jetting to London to aptly share how Braze found opportunity in headwinds and scaled to $373M.
  • Then after lunch, we’ve got back-to-back epicness with Rippling, Founders Fund, Zapier, and Loom all hitting the stage. To start, Sam Blond, former CRO at Brex and now Partner at Founders Fund, will be hosting a live version of SaaStr CRO Confidential with Parker Conrad, CEO & Founder of Rippling. They’ll discuss what it took to scale the company to its current $11B valuation, and they’ll be taking audience questions straight after as well.
  • Oh man, another good one not to miss – Kieran Flanagan, now CMO of Zapier and formerly of HubSpot, is going to share some of the Most Important Marketing Lessons he learned from both companies.
  • We’ll end the formal content this day with Loom CEO and Co-Founder, Joe Thomas. We all know and love Loom now, especially with the rise of async work, but it almost failed – more than once. Joe will share how they went from 2 weeks of runway left in the bank (and a few maxed out credit cards), to its now $1.5B valuation.

20VC, Point Nine, OpenView, ICONIQ, Threshold, Salesforce Ventures, and more VCs than you can imagine are all joining us for VC Day on Wednesday, 7th June

  • Not only are there tons of VCs and Investors who will be sharing their insights on stage for VC Day, Day 2, but there are hundreds more VCs registered and ready to meet through our super popular Meet a VC Program.
  • We’ll start the morning with two great sessions, so be sure to save some energy for Day 2. Threshold VC will be starting the morning with “The Founder’s Checklist: 10 Rules of the Boardroom” – which identifies what a founder needs to know to run effective and efficient boards for fast-growing companies. And Kyle Poyar, Operating Partner at OpenView will follow that up with Why SaaS Metrics are Broken and how to accurately benchmark a PLG or consumption-based SaaS company.
  • Then after lunch, we’ll explore What’s Really Going On in Venture Capital with two of our all-time SaaStr Europa favorite speakers, Christoph Janz, Founder and Partner at Point Nine, and the one and only, Harry Stebbings, Founder 20VC and podcast host extraordinaire.
  • To close out VC day, and as our final session of SaaStr Europa 2023, Jason will do one last AMA on the Main Stage to answer any last questions before we head into the wrap party and cheers the event til next year.
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4 Stages + Workshops + Braindates + Networking Power Hour + the biggest SaaStr Europa Sponsor Expo to Date + A PUB!

  • There will be too much great content, so pace yourself. We will have 4 stages of amazing speakers and content this year from the very best and best up-and-coming SaaS companies. There will be sessions that overlap that you’ll absolutely want to go to both. So just pick and choose as best you can. And take a break. (The sessions are being recorded and streamed!) Our Sponsor Expo will have tons of food activations and you can also power up at the Cantina or SaaStr Cafe in between everything.
  • And since we’re finally coming to London, team SaaStr and Greenhouse have teamed up to host an onsite Pub where you can enjoy a good draft during happy hours and refuel with coffee there in the mornings. It’s also got great adjacent dockside seating so you can enjoy a brew with new friends in the outdoors in June.
  • OK, so we’ve done Braindates at every SaaStr Europa event previously, but this year we’re kicking it up a notch by adding a Networking Power Hour each day from 2-3, completely dedicated to Braindate networking and helping you meet at least 1 other great Exec or VC across both days. This will be the most meetings we’ve hosted at Europa at one time so be sure to sign up early for this.
  • The Happy Hours are great — and designed to help you meet more people. We’ve upgraded all the parties this year so there’s more chance to meet more folks. In addition to the opening VIP reception, Day One features Happy Hour drinks beginning at 3, immediately followed by the rooftop party right there at Tobacco Dock’s Skylight. This will be super fun to soak in London with spectacular views and great music. And don’t miss the final toasts during the Day 2 Happy Hour and Wrap Party.
  • Bring your team.  If you can, bring your team. We get the highest feedback from CEOs who brought their management team with them to learn and experience the event together. (Or even frankly, just to meet their teams face-to-face for the first time. It is one of the best-shared learnings / bonding experiences you can do with your execs.

Just come. If you’re on the fence — come. SaaStr Europa will be the largest non-vendor event for SaaS in Europa this year. It’s a lot to do in two short days, but this is your one shot at the year to meet the best founders, VPs, and VCs in the industry — and learn from there.  Come.

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