Today we’re lucky to hear from Iwona Gruszka, the Customer Success Manager for Archdesk, about how Archdesk’s team uses SaaStr Pro:

Why did you decide to sign up for SaaStr Pro originally? What stood out to you, and what problem were you trying to solve?

Our CEO has been following Jason Lemkin for quite some time and would recommend great blog posts for the rest of the team to read. Then SaaStr Pro came into the picture and we thought it would be a good decision for everyone on the team to go through the course as a way to broaden our knowledge about how SaaS businesses operate and to see if there is something that we can do better or implement some of the tactics or strategies. We weren’t trying to solve any particular problem. It was more of a lifelong-learning-concept-type of a decision.

Who on your team is using it? It it the management team? Which roles specifically?

Almost the entire team goes through the content: from our CEO, through Business Development Representatives, Implementation Consultants, Customer Support and Success Team, Developers, HR. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to our operations and how we can work together, how we can all chip in into improving every day. We believe that the more we all know how we work as a business in its entirety, the better informed decisions we are able to make when it comes to making department level decisions separately. 

How exactly are you using it? Do you have a weekly pattern you can share?

Everyone goes through the lessons on their own when they have the time and at the end of each week we have a content and homework discussion meeting. We analyze what we have learned from the content and compare our experiences. We go through the answers to the homework questions and if applicable we establish some call to action items to make sure we implement improvements to our business.

Can you share 1-2 examples of a great discussion you had or an action you took as a result of a specific weekly lesson?

One of the best discussions that we have was on nailing our corporate messaging. As we are currently transitioning towards mid-sized corporate and corporate clients it was really interesting to discover that in order to create the right messaging we need to shift our thinking from how the small businesses operate and make buying decisions to really understanding the decision making process and ownership at bigger companies. 

What would you say are the main benefits you’re seeing from the lessons?

One of the main benefits from the lessons is the ability to discuss different aspects of our business through the prims of the content. The weekly meetings motivate us to sit down regularly and analyze aspects of our operations that otherwise we might not have time for.

About Archdesk:

As the #1 Software for construction companies in the UK, Archdesk is a modern management software for general constructionspecialist contractors and fabricators. Our clients save money from the day one, by having more control over labour costs, procurement and by improving company workflow. Learn more at

About SaaStr Pro:

SaaStr Pro is the best way to train your team on SaaS best practices, automatically. It is an online course with 52+ weeks of structured content, relevant cross-functionally. Management teams use SaaStr Pro to learn together, taking one step forward every week, in just 15 minutes a week. To sign your team up, go to


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