Over the course of six months, we have delivered impactful and actionable content to 50,000+ attendees, 500,000+ live stream viewers, gained 1M+ social media impressions, and there’s ONE remaining event of the year. 

On December 8-9, 20,000+ of the best revenue leaders from marketing, sales, customer success and product will come together to share their best practices at SaaStr Scale

Sharing the Secrets To $1B And Beyond, SaaStr Scale is a completely immersive, two-day digital event for Founders and Revenue Executives looking for actionable content that can be set in motion the moment you close your Zoom browser. 

Our Roundtable Sessions are specifically designed to host small-group meetings online, including live AMAs from top industry experts and breakouts to amplify your networking in real time. The limited capacity sessions consistently “sell out” as they hit the agenda and prove valuable for attendees who are prepared to engage with the speakers and other attendees. 

With the demand for these sessions, we’re now hosting three session tracks on Tuesday, December 8th – Marketing, Sales, and Product / Customer Success.

First wave of speakers confirmed for SaaStr Scale in our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, these speakers represent; Men: 33.3% and Women: 66.67%

  • Allison Metcalfe, CRO, Demandbase
  • Cailen D’sa, VP Sales, RevenueCat
  • Charm Bianchini, VP Growth Marketing, LeanData
  • David Scott, Scott on Marketing, Fmr Twitter, Head of Global Business Marketing
  • Eric Siu, CEO, ClickFlow
  • Fung-Lin Wu, Director of Retention Marketing, MongoDB
  • Hannah Wilson, VP Sales, Modern Health
  • Joe Hyrkin, CEO, Issuu
  • Kaitlin Bellay, Head of Channel Marketing, LinkedIn
  • Kate Chernis, CEO, Lately
  • Katie Christian, Head of Customer Success, Calendly
  • Kyle Baldinger, Head of Creative, SaaStr
  • Lauren Vaccarello, CMO, Talend
  • Meena Sandhu, SVP Growth, Beanworks
  • Nandini Javagal, Manager, Facebook
  • Poya Osgouei, Sponsorships, SaaStr
  • Stacey Epstein, CMO & Customer Experience Officer, ServiceMax
  • Stephanie Elsesser, SVP Sales, Rigor

Curious about the topics? Here’s what’s on deck in December: 

  • The Key advantages of Production Engineering vs Traditional Ops Teams
  • A conversation on Brand Identity and Social Responsibility in the Wake of the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • Stop Killing Your Sales with Baaaaaad Writing: The Copywriting Rules You WISH They’d Taught You in College
  • From AE to SVP: Three Ways to Accelerate your Career Trajectory
  • 5 Mistakes Founders Make When Hiring Their First Salesperson

Get in on the action and secure your Roundtable Sessions early – CLICK HERE for an All-Access Pass to participate in these sessions and exclusive 1:1 networking opportunities.

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