Want to know more about some of the companies that helped fuel SaaStr Annual this year? Take a look at some of our sponsors. Here’s a little peek at what they’re all about…


atrium atrium

Atrium is a platform that provides legal services for companies. Its services include counseling, financing, contracts and blockchain services.  Atrium’s CEO Justin Kan is an Internet entrepreneur and investor who has founded companies like Twitch which was acquired by Amazon for $970M and also served as a partner at Y Combinator where he impacted over 900 companies and funded more than 130.



Bolstra is aiming to take the mystery out of customer loyalty by reducing churn, expanding sales and never leaving companies wondering why a customer didn’t renew. The Carmel, Indiana based company raised $1.5M in seed funding this year with Elevate Ventures, VisionTech Angels, Allos Ventures, Collina Ventures, and 4G Ventures all contributing to the round.



Algolia is a French startup that offers web search through SaaS. The company has a suite of APIs that enable teams to develop unique search and discovery for customers across all their platforms and devices. The company is currently powering over 20,000 applications and 5,000 customers.


Aircall Aircall

Aircall allows teams to ace calls with a phone system specifically built for their business tools. Its customers include Uber, Birchbox, Pipedrive, Seat Geek and Vice among others. The platform lets customers handle calls on the go through desktop and mobile apps as well as track performance and integrate with slack, Hub Spot and Zendesk for example.

If you are a B2B founder, exec, or investor, SaaStr 2019 is a must-attend event.  Grab your tickets soon!

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