Required is a strong word … but the answer is Yes.

Everyone can benefit from leadership training. Especially, the folks so senior that traditional training doesn’t cover them. Who trains the trainer?

We just got back from the SaaStr Fund founder retreat and while I was a bit reluctant to do it, we did leadership training. This year it was focused around messaging and presenting your company.

Everyone loved it, from prenicorns like Algolia to folks that are still becoming rocketships.

As CEOs, we all tend to find mentors over time and they do help. But that’s not the same as training.

We have blind spots, we fall into ruts, and we only have the experiences we have.

Mediocre training programs are tough on everyone, and I tended to walk out of some as a CEO and a VP.

But the great ones, we all need. At $1m, $10m, $100m, even $1b in ARR.

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