Snowflake in many ways is a classic B2B company.  Not in technology or market — no, it’s start-of-the-art there.  But it’s run by one of the most proven, seemingly traditional B2B CEOs, Frank Slootman.  Before that, he was CEO of ServiceNow.

And he just put an end to their corporate HQ.  Snowflake now has no corporate HQ, and has listed Bozeman, Montana — where Slootman and their CFO reside — as the nominal headquarters.

Things are coming back.  Offices are reopening.  The question is just what will remain changed.

“While San Mateo continues to remain an important location for us, we do not have a single office that is at the center of Snowflake’s operations,” a spokesperson said in an e-mail.

To see Frank Slootman and Snowflake give up not just on the traditional Bay Area HQ but on the HQ entirely is a sign.  That’s it’s not just mature companies like HP Enterprise and Oracle that have moved their HQ, in large part for tax reasons and to manage slower growth.

No, Snowflake is a hyper-growth Cloud winner, with million+ ACV customers, run by a Silicon Valley veteran.

And now, it doesn’t even have an HQ.

There will be more to come.

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