During these Shelter+ times SaaStr is focusing more on our digital events and assets … out of necessity.  Our IRL events are in a holding patten, for obvious reasons.

During this time I’ve re-learned a lot of things.

Perhaps the #1 thing is people don’t get podcasts.  Podcasts are your #1 ticket.  #1 in speaking.  #1 in marketing.  #1 in reach.

We’ve recently expanded the SaaStr Podcast to 3x a week for now, and grown to 130,000+ downloads.  And yet … and yet … it can be much harder to get guests to come on the podcast than fly across the country or the world to speak at SaaStr Annual.

Now they aren’t the same.  The top speakers on stage at SaaStr Annual have their sessions pushed across our YouTube and other channels for years to come.  And being live in front of 1000s is a connection you don’t get anywhere else.  And the folks you meet in the Green Room, and backstage, are priceless.  It’s … special in a way no podcast ever will be.

And yet it is so much work to speak at an IRL event.  Getting there.  Preparing.  Putting together the outfit.  Being there early.  Even a digital event with a lot of prepared content can be a ton of work.  You can lose a full day really here, or the better part of one.

But you can do a podcast in 20 minutes that can reach 130,000+ folks.  Or sponsor one, and have 130,000+ folks listen to your ad — captive.  They will all hear it.

Yes, podcasts seem to sort of disappear after you do them.  You can forget about them.  They don’t quite have the long tail of other media assets.  You may not even listen to that many yourself, and sort of “not get it”.

But I can’t think of a better use of your time than being on any podcast in your industry that gets even 10,000 downloads, let alone 130,000+ like SaaStr.  Where else with 20 minutes of your time can you get in front of 10,000 or 100,000+ customers, prospects, users … and potential hires?

Nowhere else.

Go on the best ones.  Make the time.  Reach out to them.  And market and advertise on them if your buyers are there.  Other don’t get that it works, and why it works.  But now, you know.  You know the #1 most efficient use of your time are the podcasts in your industry.


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