We learned a lot from the epic ’16 Annual.  Including that for a 3 day event, with 5,000 attendees, 150+ speakers, 100+ VCs doing 1-on-1s, and 70+ sponsors … the more early prep we can do, the better.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.55.08 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.53.43 PM

We’re planning on a 50-100% bigger ’17 Annual — maybe 8,000-10,000 SaaS founders, CEOs, VPs and VCs there.  It will be the same week (Feb 7-9 ’17), but in a bigger space, with more room for sponsors, break-out sessions, bird-of-a-feather stuff, and more.

So … if you want to sponsor, we’d LOVE it if you sponsor early.  Like right now, in March, especially if you have leftover marketing budget in Q1.

If you EchoSign the sponsor agreement in March (and pay net 30), we can get you:

  • ’16 prices for 2x the attendees in ’17 (this is a good deal)
  • pick your space & spot in the order in which you pay (no complaints later if you wait and then don’t like your spot)
  • early promotion in the newsletter (almost 20k subs now), site, etc.
  • first shot at extras; and
  • more.

If you sell to CEOs, founders, and/or VPs of SaaS companies — this is THE place to sponsor.

Interested?  Email us here.


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