We wanted to give a special shout-out to some of our newest sponsors for SaaStr Annual 2019. At the 5th ever SaaStr Annual, +60 of the best and hottest companies on earth will go BIG as partners/sponsors. Only 1 Diamond and 1 Platinum Sponsorship are left. They will be taken by the end of October. Join these incredible companies to experience all the value of SaaStr!

Aircall is an alumni sponsor and empowers teams to ace every call with a phone system specifically built for their favorite business tools. With no need to hire special technicians or purchase fancy equipment. All you need is an internet connection, a computer and a headset, hence is why Aircall has been trusted by over 3,000 companies worldwide. PS — Gus from Aircall wanted to say “Hi”!


Spiff is an online platform for incentivizing your commissioned employees. Spiff gets you out of spreadsheet manual labor, improve quality, and provide your reps with personalized, real-time commission portals. They use data science and the latest tech to create commission plans that update in minutes, not months. Spiff even guarantees 1-day onboarding as soon as they get all your data!

OFI is a company dedicated to providing corporate solutions to small, medium and large companies. Their mission is to provide customers with the best solutions they need today to be the leaders of tomorrow. OFI stands out as one of the best e-commerce in Latin America. They have managed to triple annual sales during its first 3 years of operation in Colombia, a growth that attracted important investors from the United States, Mexico, and Colombia.

Jupiter is a payment platform designed for software companies. They take the headache out of payment processing so you can focus on building your business. Instant merchant boarding is frictionless because they embed the merchant account signup process into your product’s signup. Additionally, you can customize the pricing to specifically fit your merchant demographic and increase the lifetime value of a customer by sharing revenue.

Gainsight turns website downloads to support ticket submissions into relevant and actionable insights for every customer stakeholder. For decades, businesses have used data to drive customer acquisition. Now, Gainsight is changing the game for those businesses by helping them leverage the power of customer data to manage at-risk customers and grow the lifetime value of healthy ones. Gainsight helps businesses gain insight into customer lifecycle, risk management, and value demonstration. Nick at Gainsight was actually one of our very first podcast speakers! And you can listen to this throwback episode #24 here!

Don’t miss this business-changing opportunity to connect with over 12,500 SaaS decision makers from all over the world. Top investors, founders, and Fortune 500 execs are coming to town for the SaaStr Annual 2019. Grab your tickets now before prices go up $100 on the morning of November 1st!


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