We wanted to give a special shout-out to some of our newest sponsors for SaaStr Annual 2022. At the 8th ever SaaStr Annual, ~200 of the best and hottest companies on earth will go BIG as partners/sponsors. Join these incredible companies to experience all the value of SaaStr!




Toplyne helps sales teams at product-led companies convert their freemium users! Combine user signals across product usage, billing & support to identify the hottest product-qualified leads (PQLs) for your sales team to chase. Within minutes. No engineering, no code!




UserGems helps companies generate more revenue by combining relationship data with trigger events to surface the most likely buyers for each company. These include previous customers that moved to a new company and new executives that joined a target account.




Accusoft is a software development company specializing in content processing, conversion, and automation solutions. From out-of-the-box and configurable applications to APIs built for developers, we help organizations solve their most complex content workflow challenges. Our patented solutions enable users to gain insight from content in any format, on any device with greater efficiency, flexibility, and security.




Oyster was created to solve for the complexities of giving full-time, full-fledged employment to anyone in the world, while providing a delightful experience to employers and employees. With Oyster, you can hire remote full-time employees anywhere in the world, provide fully-compliant payroll, and give your valued remote hires around the world the benefits and perks they deserve.

Don’t miss this business-changing opportunity to connect with 10,000 SaaS decision-makers from all over the world. Top investors, founders, and Fortune 500 execs are coming to town for the SaaStr Annual 2022. Grab your tickets now!

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