So as we’ve talked about many times on SaaStr, tougher times are here for many, but not for all. The pain and the so-called “downturn” isn’t evenly distributed.  OpenAI, Stripe, Palantir, Cloudflare, Monday, Shopify, HubSpot and more are on a tear.  ZoomInfo, Zoom, Bill and other leaders we love are hitting some of the same headwinds many startups are.  It just really varies.

We’ve written a lot of I think good advice on SaaStr over the years on what to do in Tougher Times.  Here are some of our favorites:

But if I had to summarize all of it, it’s this:  Just Do Better Than Last Quarter

Claiming you are magically going to go from 10% growth to 100% in 1 year?  Go for it, if you want.

Hoping a magic new deal will do wonders?  I hope so.

All good.

But if things have gone from Good to Not Great, you have to reestablish a baseline.  And then just do better.

Booked $500k last quarter?  At least book $700k this quarter.  More is better.  But at least do better.

Everyone will get it.  Not everyone will know how to get back to 100%+ growth.  But everyone will know how to do a little bit better than last quarter.  How to ship that one feature.  Which customer to go visit.  How to work that much harder on the pipeline.  To do a bit better.

Back at the 2017 SaaStr Annual, Peter Gassner of $36 Billion Veeva gave one of the subtly best SaaStr talks ever.  He’d been CTO of Salesforce before, and got to a $36 Billion market cap raising less than $10m in venture capital.  But the early days weren’t easy.  One of his hacks?  He took a quarter at a time.  He focused on just doing better than the last quarter.

It worked for Veeva.  I bet it will work for you.

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