We kicked off a SaaStr newsletter about 18 months ago as a simple way to push SaaStr.com posts to folks that wanted posts pushed to them by email.  For a while, we didn’t do too much more with it, but we’ve upgraded the newsletter recently to add more value to folks that already read a lot of SaaStr content:

First, we’ve added short, unique pieces of video content from the SaaStr Annual and other SaaStr events.  This week, the team added a great short segment from Josh James, CEO of Domo, on how to align your whole company on sales:

Second, as we’re crossing 100,000+ followers on Twitter, we’re adding some content from Twitter because otherwise it’s impossible to keep up:

Third, we continue to curate the best of SaaStr and SaaStr-on-Quora and the SaaStr podcast for you, as well as other great posts from the Internet, as well as surface some of the very top posts from our archives that you might not otherwise see or remember:

So subscribe here now if you haven’t!!

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