Ok we’ll keep this page and list updated all the way through 2023 SaaStr Annual on Sep 6-8 in SF Bay Area!!:

Tuesday, Sep 5:  The Night Before Annual

Wednesday, Sep 6: Kick-Off Day with The Legends of SaaS!

Thursday, Sep 7:  The Big Party with Cheat Codes and Much, Much More!

Friday, Sep 8:  On Site Parties, After Parties, and More on VC and CRO Confidential Day!

  • Official SaaStr Beer Garden and Happy Hour!  On our campus!! We’ll go from 3pm until they close the place in the Container Park and more!
  • CRO Confidential Happy Hour at SaaStr Annual.  We’re gathering all CROs, VPs of Sales, etc. together for a Friday afternoon Happy Hour at Annual.
  • Vibramium.VC has an early stage founder and investor party in downtown San Mateo (close) after Annual.  Sign up here.
  • Superside, 6Sense and Jasper are hosting a B2Breakfast for marketers that morning at Pinstripes. More here.
  • More coming!

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