The SaaS $100 Billion Club. It’s Getting Bigger.

Unicorns and even Decacorns are all we talk about in SaaS today.

Does it make sense?  Can the market really support 300+ SaaS and Cloud Unicorns?

Well, maybe.  Why?  There are now already 6 SaaS/Cloud leaders worth over $100 Billion dollars.  And more are coming:

Putting aside oldies like Adobe and PayPal, now Atlassian, Snowflake, Shopify, Square, ServiceNow, and Salesforce (maybe an oldie) all are worth over $100 Billion.

Zoom fell out of the $100B Club for now, but it is still worth almost $80B.  And I bet it’s back soon enough.

So if there are 6 $100B+ SaaS leaders, it would make sense there is room for at least 60 $10B+ leaders, and 600+ $1B+ Unicorns.

That is a lot of room for more unicorns, decacorns, and more.

More incredible is how they got there, and how they grew post-IPO:

  • Shopify was worth $1.2B at IPO in 2015.  Today? $200B.
  • Atlassian was worth $4B at IPO in 2015.  Today? $110B.
  • Square was worth $3B at IPO in 2015.  Today? $108B.

Power laws are everywhere.  And if you really have something in SaaS, it can just get better and better.

Carpe diem.


Published on November 17, 2021

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