Ok so it’s that time of year!  Let’s look back at the Top 10 SaaStr Annual, Europa and Digital sessions of the year across 1.4 million+ views.  So you can catch up on any good ones you missed!

#1. From 2 Weeks of Runway to $1B Acquisition: The Founder Playbook with Loom’s CEO and Co-Founder

#2.How To Perfectly Pitch Your Seed Stage Startup With Y Combinator’s Michael Seibel

#3. What the Future of SaaS Holds for 2024 with David Sacks, Founder & General Partner, Craft Ventures

#4. Rippling CEO Parker Conrad’s Theory of the Compound Startup: Disrupting How We Think About Software

#5. Why You’re Unfundable in 2023: The Cold, Hard Truths About SaaS with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin

#6. Go to Market Strategies That Led To Divvy’s $2.5B Exit with Divvy’s Former CRO, Sterling Snow

#7.Scaling to $100M ARR: The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid From LaunchDarkly Co-Founder Edith Harbaugh

#8.  Scaling a SaaS Startup to $1B+ ARR: Insights from UiPath’s CEO and Founder Daniel Dines and Accel Partners

#9. CRO Confidential: Guild Education SVP, Go To Market Strategy, Operations & Enablement Cherishma Shah

#10. Why The Era of Efficient Growth is Now: The 2023 VC State of the Market with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin

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