So we had an action-packed 52 weeks of Workshop Wednesdays this 2023!  It’s been a big hit for us with over 4,000 of you attending our Live, FREE Workshop Wednesdays every … Wednesday!

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So which were the most popular in 2023?  A few great ones to catch up on:

#1. 5 Metrics Every SaaS Company Should Care About with Salesforce Ventures

A hands-on, practical session on the top SaaS metrics

#2. 10 Things That Always Work in SaaS Marketing with SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin

A popular hands-on session on what always works to get you more leads.

#3.  What You Need to Change at $10M to Scale to $100M: Sameer Dholakia, Partner Bessemer

Sameer’s session was A+.  He led Sendgrid through a big IPO and multi-billion dollar sales to Twilio.

#4.  For B2B Generative AI Apps, is Less More? with Andreessen Horowitz

This one on AI was super popular!

#5.  Sales-Led or Product-Led? CRO On Why You Need Both

I really loved this one with Harness’ CRO on how to rule a PLG and sales-led playbook at the same time:

#6.  10 Learnings on High Velocity Sales to SMB with Gorgias’ CEO and VPS

Gorgias has 13,000 SMB customers.  How do you handle and close so many?  A very tactical guide to scaling SMB sales.

#7.  TigerEye and PlanGrid’s CEO: Lessons learned on the path to $100m ARR

A terrific session with Tracy Young who led PlanGrid to $100m+ ARR and a $700m+ acquisition in a very competitive space.

#8. Workshop Wednesday: AMA with SaaStr Founder & CEO Jason Lemkin

Yup, Lemkin again.

#9.  GGV Capital: Scaling The Top SMB SaaS Companies

A deep dive on SMB metrics, a really good one.

#10.  Secrets to Sustainable Low CAC Growth after Series B and Beyond with Hypergrowth Partners

How to really scale low cost marketing at scale.

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