So we’re almost there!!  2024 is June 4-5 in London!

Join us for 2+ fun-filled days, great parties, 100s of braindates and workshops, 1000s of connections, and so much more!  And meet everyone from Harry Stebbings to the CEO of Gong!

Ok with that, what are the Top 5 Trending Sessions … So far?01

  1. Lessons Learned from Scaling to Billions with Gong’s Co-Founder & CEO
  2. Lessons Learned from Scaling GTM Teams and Ops at Notion, Asana, and Dropbox with Notion’s GM
  3. Mastering the Customer Lifecycle: Strategies for Hiring, Retention, and Growth with Retool, OpenAI, and 20VC
  4. How to Implement a Customer-First Strategy and Structure with Dashlane’s CPO
  5.  From 0-50,000 Customers: How to Build a GenAI Company for the Enterprise with Synthesia’s CEO 

Check out the full agenda at the moment here.  It will continue to evolve!!


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